Ban this guy?

topic posted Wed, September 23, 2009 - 12:37 AM by  Erik
This is one of perhaps 20 such threads posted by the same guy over the past couple of days. Each has a similar subject line. If this is not against the TOU, it certainly should be.

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More shit from the Nigger-in -chief
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U.S. Rep. Paul Broun is again raising the specter of Democrats turning the United States into a totalitarian state.

Broun, R-Athens, apparently has not changed his belief that President Obama may be a fascist since he made similar remarks in Augusta in November and then in an Associated Press interview.

He told a meeting of the Morgan County Republicans on Wednesday night that Obama already has or will have the three things he needs to make himself a dictator: a national police force, gun control and control over the press.

"He has the three things that are necessary to establish an authoritarian government," Broun said. "And so we need to be ever-vigilant, because freedom is precious."

As he did when comparing Obama to Hitler and the Soviets last year, Broun cited a speech Obama gave in Colorado during the campaign last July calling for "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military.

In the speech, Obama called young Americans to serve both at home and abroad, and said he would expand the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and other volunteer opportunities. Broun, however, said Obama was referring to a national police force.

"'The liberals say, 'What is wrong with Americorps?' " Broun said. "Well, this is not Americorps."

Broun also said he thinks the national media is openly supporting Obama's policies. He also said he believes the president and Attorney General Eric Holder will enact new gun-control policies.

Holder said in February that he wants to renew a Clinton-era ban on assault weapons, but Obama said in April that he is putting the issue on the back burner.

Broun also cited the dozens of so-called "czars" Obama has appointed to oversee areas like the troubled car industry as evidence that he is overstepping his bounds to seek power.

"They're developing a shadow government that (does not) answer to the American people," Broun said.

At a town hall meeting in Clarkesville last month, Broun called Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a "socialistic elite" and agreed with a constituent who said they might use a flu pandemic to declare martial law.

"They're trying to develop an environment where they can take over," Broun said. "We've seen that historically."

More than 1,000 people combined turned out to hear Broun speak mostly on the topic of health care at town hall meetings Wednesday in Madison and Greene County.

About 300 attended the Madison meeting. At Lake Oconee, the audience filled three 300-seat movie theaters, where Broun spoke on the invitation of three local doctors who have been giving presentations on Democrats' proposals for health care reform, said Bob Cowles, one of the organizers. Broun spoke live in one theater, while crowds in the other two listened in over a closed circuit.

Health care reform also is about Democrats seeking more power, Broun said.

"It gives them more power, more control over your life," he said.

Health care is too expensive, he said, and he attributed the cost to government regulations like HIPPA, a 1996 patient privacy and insurance portability law. Rather than create a government-run insurance program to compete with private insurers, the current system's framework should be kept, but with changes like expanded tax-free health savings accounts, more tax credits for medical expenses and tax breaks for doctors who provide charity care, Broun said.

"Just like (when) you have a dog with fleas, you don't kill the dog, you put on a flea collar," he said.
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    this is one of those cases where you need contact each moderator. TOU. first of all, is ineffectual. There have been many things much more offensive brought to their attention, and they did nothing. They will tell you to tell the moderator of the tribe/s in question.
    • Tribe TOU
      get involved
      wit' dat POLITICS tribe,
      actively replacin'
      one mod
      Tha tribe-sanctioned
      moderator dere
      regressive rightie blowhard lawyer.
      Good freakin' luck.
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        • He was banned. However, he continues to spew racist hatred, misogyny, homophobia, etc. on other tribes.
          • Unsu...
            they always do. sometimes its good to moderate with an axe, but others do not agree with me.

            oh well, i don't have to deal with them.
            • As I've understood it, though they have his numbers (literally) Tribe doesn't currently have the resources to superban this douche, that plus the fact of the new TOU being "moderator beware" does make it highly likely this assbag Gregg/d'zoner/whoever he is today, will continue to spew his same racist agitprop all over tribe. Take some comfort in the fact that he digs himself deeper every day he frenzies more. Take screen caps when you see things, report anything actionable to the authorities. Add to the file. He has the self control of a gnat. He'll get himself renditioned soon enough. I'm sure tribe would gladly cooperate with Homeland Security if they need data access.

              He's a M-F 9-5 assbag, just log on after 5, or on the weekends and you'll avoid a dialog. Don't engage, you won't get backsplatter. Too bad we can't call his employer and report him for misusing his company's by posting racist screeds on the net during work hours. Prolly means he's too poor or stupid to have a home computer. So he's probably working in a basement somewhere unimportant, blaming minorities for his own inability to get an erection. His postings reveal serious emotional insecurities. He has over time claimed to be ex-military, rich, a martial artist, and bizarrely enough, sometimes even a 14 year old girl. Not sure what drives that one, besides maybe some attempt to come to terms with his own physical inadequacies. Klannies are wierd.

              But I digress.

              Support the software that will permaban this regressive victim of poverty, family disintegration, educational failure and genetic inferiority.

              Subscribe to tribe.
              • Unsu...
                >>Support the software that will permaban this regressive victim of poverty, family disintegration, educational failure and genetic inferiority.

                Subscribe to tribe.<<

                when/where did Tribe admin say they would do that?
                • Domestic terrorists must be an exception to the "hands off" rule. I has a PM sumwhere. The capability to permaban doesn't exist yet on tribe, but I gathered from what I heard it was in the works. I imagine he's already in line for the beta. Though I am inclined to let himself frenzy to the point where he can actually be arrested before he pulls a McVeigh. Let's just all keep the SS updated on his latest, dumbest and most cowardly escapades.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    The capability to permaban doesn't exist yet on tribe, but I gathered from what I heard it was in the works.

                    yes, i know perma-ban doesn't exist here

                    i guess in answer to my question you are saying Tribe admin told you
                    in a PM that they are working that into the next release?
            • <------Agrees with Flint.

              Is there a link to his profile? I have seen d'zoner but not for a while. I dont prefer to be on tribes that are always full of the negative bullshit. Some people should be banned I think. People talk about freedom of speech and censorship or whatever. I agree to a point. Then when some people go way too far just to push peoples buttons and it becomes pointless why should they be allowed to continue? If someone is constantly spewing hate and racist shit why the hell should everyone else have to put up with their littering of the tribe? They've given up their "rights" or priviledge to be on the tribe.
  • Ban Ron?

    Gosh; seems a little harsh - but the whole "hackers made me invite the insane racist hatemonger into POLI, no really" debacle is a little see-through and inappropriate; you're right about that. Just because Ron nurtures odd warmth for the worst kind of racism isn't cause for a banning, though, surely. Light BDSM, let's try first.
    • Unsu...
      Oh jesus, everybody go beat off and give the thot of ron a break. fuck, get a life!
      • I was speaking in general. I'm not sure if I even know who Ron is. I try to ignore the assholes as much as possible.
        • This was about Gregg, or whatever alt he's posing as today. Personally, I don't think what he posted should be censored. But,. it was against the TOU. Tribe is a private organization.
          • So you *don't* think Gregg should be banned?

            That would let Ron breath easy, fshure
            • Nope. But I'm not the moderator. As long as they are consistent, they can do whatever they wish. I quit the Politics tribe until Inna left. She was inconsistent. So far, Ron has not been, his politics aside. I left the Mideast Politics tribe because Carolyn was. When she left, I rejoined, then Inna became moderator, so I was out of there again. I left another politics tribe that I liked very much because the moderator thought my replies to Salil's ad hominems were mean, and deleted them. I actually still like the guy (the moderator). I just won't waste my time posting on a forum where my posts are deleted arbitrarily. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend.
              • Unsu...
                >>Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend.<<

                however, there is no 'freedom of speech' on private online forums

                not sure why some people don't/won't get that.
                • Unsu...
                  >>Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend.<<

                  and the freedom to remove myself or another from following me around to offend. I don't nessisarily think one has a right to be offensive. One can take the right, but i don' t know that anyone is entitled to one. We are not free to just smack the persons we can't stand, so i don't know why offensive would get a larger billing in the entitlement dept. Both are violent acts towards another. So, in america, under the name of freedom, not everything actually is a right, no matter how one would like to twist it to make it permissible. Freedom of speech really was not implying you have the right to just offend someone cause you can. We the people unofficially appended our interpretation to include gratuitous and offensive talking acceptable. Just because the definition of something can be stretched to cover most anything one would say, that does not mean that is what was meant when it was made a law. It would be different i an individual was defending their right to look in a mirror and offend themselves. Anyway, no one cares.
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                    He made a tribe about planning to assassinate the president. That's no longer free speech. That's domestic terrorism. You can say "I hate him", and "he a nazi", but "when you say let's kill him" that's a threat. Which is a crime. We have a domestic terrorist using tribe. I do hope y'all appreciate the distinction and the distinct change in tenor this occasions in regards to the response.


              • >>So far, Ron has not been (inconsistent), his politics aside.<<

                Hmm. So, 'extending amnesty' (IE sending invites) to two or three known abusers while lying about his reasons for doing so is "consistent".


                I agree that mods should exercise their own judgment - as long as they are able to face the consequences of doing so. By me, a lying nepotist ideologue *is* a perfect mod for that tribe. Kudos to the mod!
                • "however, there is no 'freedom of speech' on private online forums"

                  Sure there is. You just have to be willing to face the consequences, thereof. If people get disgusted with inequities in a tribe, it dies. No problem.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    >>Sure there is.<<

                    what are you even talking about?

                    the admins/owners of online forums make their own rules
                    about what kinds of posts are allowed as do individual mods.

                    that has nothing to do with freedom of speech or the u.s. 1st amendment

                    the 1st amendment only guarantees that the *government* will not suppress speech.
                    private individuals and forums can censor all they want

                    how any of us feel about that is a moot point.
                    • Precisely. The infamous S&P of CBS in the 50s censored the sweaty grizzled manfuck out of all the scripts for CBS's shows in the hopes of maintaining their advertisers' good will. They were not guilty of infringing upon the 1st amendment in any way (and thus were never successfully prosecuted), only of being cowardly prudish hypocrites (as well as simply effective businesspersons).

                      Outer Limits was better than Twilight Zone for this reason. ABC was just a tad more 'American' than CBS was, at the time.
                      • "what are you even talking about?

                        the admins/owners of online forums make their own rules
                        about what kinds of posts are allowed as do individual mods."

                        Of course, and you are free to break them. You must then face the consequences, is all I meant. I think of it as akin to editing. If the government does the editing, it's censorship. If you don't like the way your work is edited in a private forum, you can always go to another, or simply start your own.
            • Unsu...
              I *do* think Gregg has PTSD. He seemed to show up once in HD. I think he was told to do something...

              There are ways into people ... don't be surprised if someone you don't want to see leaps out of them.
              • Unsu...
                Wow I have no idea what all that was about but it scares me a little.
                • Unsu...
                  "Wow I have no idea what all that was about but it scares me a little."

                  Well then, let's begin, Jillybat. Did you notice Mr. M *particularly* spot the unsubscribed, barely having to think? And he was dutiful enough to leave a marker. I gather he is getting sharper and clearer all the time. Now, how did this go from a thread about the politics troll Gregg (who has his funny moments) to gay male incest porn? Perhaps you could tell me why it is that theme reared its head?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Now, *who* was d'zoner, originally? Were you, or any of your friends, paying attention back in say, 2007-2008 to what people wrote that gives you a feel for them? Also, let's say that personalities *degrade* over time. That they might experience difficulty maintaining themselves nder the "pressures" currently being manufactured in the human group psyche. Do we all feel we knew who d'zoner was? Also, why would it be important that 1. we felt that perhaps d'zoner was either losing his cool, becoming someone else, had been cloned by an admirer, or 2. that someone with less personal repute (that is, resembling someone of normal human stock, that you might put common 'acquaintance trust' in) would want to pretend to be d'zoner or anyone else for that matter, in order to (?) benefit from the personal feelings of friendliness or trust that could have been built up in the past by such observers? Same for Gregg, who despite having obvious difficulties, did at times desire to find someone to trust or appear friendly to, *outside the culture that, through its orders, may have damaged him*.

                    So, shall it be that we view this as a desire to fake profiles to divide people who gave each other some regard, or shall it be that these possible fake profiles are made to sweep up some crumbs of non-hostility that might be left between such people, to absorb some feeling aside from what (apparently) is exchanged in the fakers' own *close* communities.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Um, no, I dont know who any of you are or what any of this is about this is really weird I feel like I just stumbled into someones bad trip or something.
                    • Unsu...
                      "someones bad trip or something."

                      which one? I have about 6 and a half dozen. All beauts.

                      So, supposing we have to be involved in this, how do you see it happening?
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        "Oh jesus, everybody go beat off and give the thot of ron a break. fuck, get a life!"

        So Flint (some Flint) cares if people beat off, and also wants us to not think about Ron?

        I would think that Flint doesn't really care about the Politics tribe much, depending on how much he ever hung out there, and I really don't know how much interaction he has with Ron, at whatever point.

        Cosmic Dancers, Plasmic Opening to Nothingness.
  • Go ban yourself you STUPID LADY!
    • Talking milkshakes cause cancer.

      Tip: The subject catches people's attention. Make your subject clear and simple.
      • Unsu...
        • Ban Du Soleil for the San Tropez tan.
          • <.sweaty grizzled manfuck.>
            • Communist!
              • Unsu...
                republican disguised as a democrat
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    I saw it too

                    I saw that posting earlier. On the main page of tribe after signing out. I did not view the post, nor will I now. Perhaps it would be in good taste to send this personally to Carolyn and/or tribe help?

                    I'm guessing that we won't have that happening in the new version. Or at least I'm HOPING we won't have that happening in the new version. I'd rather see only the G-, PG-, R-rated tribes have benefit of appearing on the main page.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    Republican of course. That entreprenureal spirit.

                    You saw it too why did you look at it?
                    • >>Perhaps it would be in good taste to send this personally to Carolyn and/or tribe help?

                      Good etiquette and strong financial acumen indicate otherwise. Perhaps you could use some yourself to create a distinctive glaze on an incestuous homosexual Father's Day Bundt cake.
                      • Why not just enjoy a hot waffle instead with your favorite fall kind of berry. Yum! I don'y click links posted by people that I do not know so I am spared a lot of grief here.
                        • well.... this thread has a long shelf life.....
                          and i read it all...
                          originally about people and 'poor' behavior ,
                          then became about odd fetish and freakish posts,
                          and possible legal rams around entrampentpural biz choices, in tribe....
                          (i think it is a sting op myself)
                          i thought it was what going to be about are we to do with trolls,stalkers , spammers.... and that ilk....

                          "brain storm" - think tank- solution oriented -skill-sets engaged - ....?....

                          perhaps, we could just limit everyone to ONE single profile , deleting the sockpuppets alts and trolls...

                          (one face per ip address presents the problem- then what of families or 'nesting' individuals? )

                          perhaps, if people were held accountable,somehow,
                          then folks would be more conscious and considerate with what they post

                          (which is what one chooses to say -out loud for all to hear....)

                          especially when one considers the library of congress may start archiving websites for a peek into today's culture and for all future generations.

                          perhaps-makes one want to go clean house a bit huh?

                          • Unsu...
                            who has time for that?
                            • thank you so much for the prime examples, of what i believe we find to be at issue here...
                              the exact kinds of behaviors -and profiles - that we are discussing and considering doing away with,...

                              i believe we would all be well served in doing so... on
                              it is just an idea and suggestion, that has been on the table for sometime it seems..
                              i think even if it cuts our overall numbers , at least it will improve peoples behaviors.
                              -- it is amusing that those most vocal so far are the most prime examples for deletion...
                              i'm aware others read and do not post because of this.... thank you ,
                              so this is for you and the future generations
                              who may find this and wonder why we allowed tribe to be taken over by ill willed funk-wits.

                              taking responsibility for one actions is not 'extermination',
                              - unless one is incapable of moderating themselves- or out of control--
                              people say thing they would NEVER say to someone's face in a civilized society-
                              why one wonders- it boggles my mind.
                              it one can't or won't add anything constructive to the conversation -why say anything at all one wonders?
                              like tiny little psych vampires- mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers, scabies, and the like...feeding on others energy.
                              or inconsequential little feral minded creatures running around nipping ankles under the round table
                              while real work is being attempted to be done.
                              unless one suffers from a serious border line personality disorder that forces them to consistently
                              - beg for attention- even negative- (which counts and validated the poor behavior).like a 3 year old.
                              we are forced into private or well moderated tribes, behind barricades,
                              or everyone is forced to choose and must simply ignores the silly or ugly posts
                              and also personalities behind them, if they have nothing constructive to offer.
                              even if they are good and real people with knowledge and skills to offer elsewhere.
                              is there no other options?
                              other than just censoring with ones eyes?
                              in hopes that once they feel the chill of a deep shade -
                              of being ignored- constantly
                              will that simply be enough -and so in turn they will bore and go elsewhere to carry on their silly biz.
                              - or whatever it is they came to for in the first place
                              like a social network ?

                              i wonder - or is this the reason tribe has been abandoned greatly, by soooo many ...
                              leaving behind so many ships of ghosts and fools?

                              i do know better than to responding to trolls- I'm talking about a set of behaviors that has driven too many good folks out of tribe
                              i offer this for clarification-
                              (oh and bless you, i am far from a child- but thank you for the compliment -0
                              and those that care and work for with and in tribe MAKE time for that)

                              with age comes experience and with experience -hopefully- comes wisdom.

                              so unless that is the only profile and personality one presents... everyone is free to be themselves....
                              especially if they behave like civilized human adults and and the trananimals they are...

                              civil discourse and debate is key to a social order.

                              and we are trying to have and maintain a social network here
                              at least some of us are

                              while it would seem others just want to play in the sand box and throw rocks,
                              and are in serious need to be taught a better way in which to communicate themselves...

                              but that is just my opinion , and like they say
                              opinions are like assholes -we all have one.
                              • Unsu...
                                Sounds like Mein Kampf...
                                • Sizzle posted recently in a Radical Faerie Tribe:

                                  Re: Name calling, personal Slander... and other low blows of the desperate dull
                                  Today, 10:01 AM
                                  in response to: Name calling, personal Slander... and other lo...
                                  reply to this post

                                  And Sizzle blogs:
                                  " i'm so done with this psycic vampire , tic on my ass...
                                  need a Buffy la slayer to hunt down and take care of it ... "

                                  That sure smells like extermination to me, sweetie. You also posted in that radical Faerie tribe that you moderate calling for people to gang up on whomever you wish Buffy to take care of. You start fights, and want others to follow your anger and attack individuals that you consider trolls.
                                  You, dear, are a bully and a troll
                                  Come out of your closet already, troll.
                                  • ahhh and here we -have -dribble - no sweetie of mine- but thanks for showing interest -
                                    the alt/ sock puppet,,, of my own personal hell... that is a THE troll...
                                    that lead to this most recent line of seeking advice and help in the first place.

                                    i should actually thank you all for the demonstration of what we have been discussing and putting up with... and" if the shoe fits" princess...

                                    in this case here- not surprisingly -again- words are taken out of context ...twisted and distorted...and were spoken to he who posted it but another personal together...and were about a set of distasteful behaviors...
                                    and ONLY came after WEEKS of being the target of vicious personal attacks, and countless character assassination attempts...

                                    and when one choose to ignore, on the advice of Many others-( or god forbid delete threads covered in poo)...
                                    it further evaluate and leads to cyberstalking...

                                    enough is enough -

                                    if i'm not mistaken the moderator of the wolf creek faeries tribe deleted- drizzles posts and perhaps was even booted but i'm not sure

                                    and so ...if anyone even cares the story goes...
                                    the troll drug his hateful ax out into the radical faerie tribe-where i in fact do host and now been forced to close and moderate.
                                    , where when he was attacked - i promptly stopped it and put a -DNFTT -zero tolerance - on personal attacks and trollish behavior.

                                    even if i personally do not care for him, due to his deep psychotic disorders,
                                    everyone should be able to share without being attacked...

                                    and so since no one would respond to him or his posts...he again went seeking me out elsewhere
                                    to further attempt confrontation, attacks, reliving the 'once upon a time's scenario..
                                    simply seeking to grind his tired old ax in my face...,
                                    desperate for attention, even negative - due to his his poor abusive childhood- any attention especially bad- is equated with affirming his victim mentality disorder... (mental illness is not my area of specialty- seek pro help.)
                                    he is relentless questioning , to or about me- seriously obsessed -where i live -who am i - what i do for a living - where do i go-
                                    any and everything in his power to try to get under my skin..etc... uh--- does that sound psycho to anyone else, or is it just me?
                                    THAT is a profile of stalker in my book....this particular one is a self affirmed "excommunicated" faerie turned troll turned stalker -
                                    and even here and now - he continues to seek me out anywhere i post -to throw your own personal agenda and flavor of monkey crap..
                                    i refuse to go there again....
                                    stalker, troll behaviors are -not fun or cute in any way...

                                    for this same behavior in beyond wolf creek, and faeries tribes ....
                                    i fear, it is rampant throughout like an illness -a malignant cancer ... killing it for everyone.

                                    i wish to be part of the solution not part of the problem...
                                    i wish we all could do our part to make this a better place / social network...

                                    and yes i do wish to "kill off" the trollish behaviors" - by whatever means it takes-
                                    i wish every one would behave like civil beings of some kind.. or leave
                                    they are making tribe not fun for anyone -but them...
                                    it is beyond sad that they seem to have all but taken over many of the public forum everywhere in tribe .net
                                    or in tribes where mod's are MIA...

                                    only the trolls should fear this... the upcoming changes and deletions, in the system works...

                                    they exist like a evil demon within "good people- with valuable information and skills to share and offer"
                                    sadly, sockpuppets of trolls are still just trolls- in a separate mask... same with ill willed alts...

                                    maybe it is just me but, most all of my friends i know in the real world, outside of tribe ...
                                    and came here to network with them... and others with sim interests...

                                    consider this an exorcism--
                                    DEMON TROLLS GET OUT!! - DIE!!!-
                                    let go and put away the things that no longer serve you, for it is wise to do so...
                                    with change all things are possible.
                                    , change
                                    or die...

                                    and anyone who must make EVERYTHING
                                    All about them....all the time
                                    including narcississsyssss-
                                    is indeed a energy sucking my book, and nothing more than a simple parasite

                                    not sadly -this will be the last time i respond to you dribble on this matter. EVER.

                                    but good luck to all of you/us- i hope you / we -and the rest, get the professional help needed so desperately

                                    especially ... for borderline personality disorders -- are simply beyond pity,and compassion -when they refuse to change and accept help.
                                    thank you for the wonderful examples and further reasons to have you given (and others) to be blocked / deleted from permanently......

                                    i'll get right on that....

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