Random Thread Button?

topic posted Thu, August 27, 2009 - 6:28 PM by  Orangeboxman
Wikipedia does it.

I'm just sayin'.
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    tribe is already random. Whether I can log on is random.
    • <------ Passes cheese to go with the whine.

      What's a random thread button? <----------Genuine Inquiry. As opposed to more complaining?

      Even if Tribe GOES DOWN on me I still love it. Tribe RULES!!! There is no substitute. I wish the people that do the most bitching about it would just unsubscribe. If they are so fed up with it why would they stay? For the sole purpose of complaining? This is apparently a fulltime job for some people and makes them feel like they actually have a life and arent a waste of oxygen, space and many other of this worlds dwindling resources. ( Symbolically kneels before the Georgia Guidestones and thanks "R. C. Christian." )
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    How about a button that randomly unsubs people?
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      they do, isn't it that lard ass darren? he may not work, but he would do that for the shits and giggles of it all. And has done it plenty in the past.
      Cause frankly, some of the nasty letters sent back to me by admin, i do not think they wrote. I think lardass did. Thats what happens when you let a gorilla sized hamster in the shop.
      • We have that gorilla sized hamster to thank for having kept running when no one else gave a shit about this place. He worked with very little support for a long time.
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          you are full of shit. He helps perpetrate hate crime. and now he trolls people for the shits n giggles of it all. He was a turd that was highly selective in his duties, and would go out on 'sock puppet killing sprees' cause he was grouchy, poor thing. He broke more than he fixed.
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            Perpetrate hate crimes?

            I saw no evidence of that.

            He was just a man doing a job. Some people approved of the job, others did not. Some adored him, others villified him. Like any other high profile job. One thing that has come to light is that many of the things people were complaining about came from above, from the boss man. The D man bit his tongue and took the rap for decisions made from above.
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        Awww, Travis lose some alts?
        • This from an alt with zero friends created on 09/07/09? Yet another troll. What makes Tribe so much fun for everyone. Like the poison the grandmother laced the cookies with in Flowers In The Attic.
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            It was only three posts, dickwad. I'm a magnificent troll, and you know it. I never read that book. I don't read little evil womanly romance novels. I know you're saying something though. Maybe I'll track it down later.

            "What makes Tribe so much fun for everyone." Where's the question mark? I know what makes tribe fun for me. And you're certainly part of that. What does make? What does what make? I don't what to see What making. No thank you.
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          not at all.

          i occasionally zap friends i don't talk to anymore, or who are not even active in tribe anymore. you imagine me to have a legion of alts. course, you are just a blow up toy icon, so what the hell, right? your huevo's are tiny.
  • It would only be interesting if the random feature selected only active threads, though. The majority of tribes are more or less dead. A random feature would most likely just show a thread from years ago in a tribe that hasn't had any activity since then.

    It could be fun to click a 'random button' if it always went to a currently active thread.
    • I was thinking just the opposite.

      What I love about Wikipedia's random button is that it takes me to stuff that otherwise wouldn't be getting read often enough for anyone to update it, correct it, link it, etc.

      Most of the data on Tribe is being neglected mostly because it's a hassle to get to at all; that is, even deliberately.

      If people could see old threads easily enough, often enough to make the currently relevant threads pop to the top,
      that might discourage people from needlessly posting and reposting the same links and other material, rather than
      simply adding to an earlier pertinent thread.
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      in some cases, old threads are very good. Like in herbal medicine, the amount of back pages represents quite a corpora of knowledge to be read thru at leisure. the information is always relevant, so the threads do not lose value with passing of time or members.
      • Off topic post = I like your pic Flint. The other one I like better. But this one's great too. I'm gonna tickle you. : )
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          thank you. i thot i had jaded you.

          which other one?
          • The one b4 this one. Jaded me? I'm not coming onto you. Just saying I like your pictures. The one before this one was incredible. That one and this express great bliss. And I kick back bitch. : )


            This one. "Dreaming." Annie or Herb wish they could snag moments like this. Awesome!
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              i know you aren't. but everyone but myself has talked about it!!! come on. haha. thanks soooo much for putting my album link up for tribe. I will have to remember, and return the favor in a creative manner. I so don't need any recog in this new trollery tribe! haha. oh well. Those that love me, already do, and those that don't, don't count.
              • I only seen one mo fo talk about it. So, um, everyone thinks we are boinking now? lol That is too funny. Never even met in Jack Parsonage. Would be nice sometime though. Even just for some drinks and for me to whoop yo ass on pool table. SHUHZAM!!!


                Fuck the bitches that dont count. They are to stupid to realize that unity iz better than division and that they piss off and on people that could be their best friends ever. Not just us. But in general. There's that whole MIRROR thing again.

                BTW!!! Rob Zombie and STP are coming soon. Me wanna go so bad!
  • Who is this UNSUBSCRIBED guy and why does his head keep popping up in all my emails? WHY ARE ALL OF YOU IN MY EMAIL? It's not making sense. AT ALL. I want my money back.
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      Ode to OBM: The Moon has many faces
      Within the folds are many traces
      Though you cannot see them all
      You will feel them dancing at the ball
      But to know others is most definitely about their faces
      And not about their balls.

      That was horrible poetry. Slamm me Travis.
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        have you run out of other trolls to play with today?
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          It's all the same troll, my friend (truly, wise person...)
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            your cougar ain't that fast.
            • Talk without action is still talk.

              So... um... thanks.
              • WTF?

                Tribe tech people have the time to assure that Tribe gets infested with Facebook buttons, but they don't have time to install the button I suggested?

                Maybe I'll just ask the Wikipedians to make a random page button on Wikipedia's page.

                They couldn't get to it much slower, eh.
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                  tribe is already random enought and there is no money in the button you want.
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                    >there is no money in the button you want.

                    There is if you offer it for a small fee.

                    What sociology researcher (for example) would NOT want to be able to randomize text sampling on a social networking site?
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                      >there is no money in the button you want.

                      There is if you offer it for a small fee.

                      What sociology researcher (for example) would NOT want to be able to randomize text sampling on a social networking site?

                      --ha ha. that is what grad students are for.
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                  Jesus, Josh. Of all the many threads on that I've seen, read, or participated in, I could care less about yet another daft random link to someplace I don't go and won't go back to.

                  Although, my ORIGINAL idea of the random BOMB link is considerably more interesting. Click the BOMB link and the thread it was attached to ceases to exist.

                  ONE little drawback. There was a "Tales from the Crypt" that had an interesting offer. Someone came to the door, and offered the resident a million dollars, with one caveat: "Someone you don't know will die"

                  I'll be back in a week for your decision and in two weeks, be back with the money, should you choose to accept it. That was the offer.

                  And the person hemmed and hawed over the decision, desperately needing the money and in the end choosing the money and also choosing that someone they didn't know would die.

                  Sure, sounds "okay" until you see the big picture. The same offer has been ongoing for all of time. Each person's greed results in the death of the previous person's greed. And the following person's greed results in the death of self.

                  Because, you see, the offer is ongoing. Each week a different person is given the million dollar opportunity, and if they choose to have someone they don't know killed, that means the PREVIOUS person will die. And their own fate depends on "someone they don't know", someone who has said that it is NOT worth it for anyone to die as a result of their greed or need or necessity.

                  The ONLY winner of the game is the person who CHOOSES to kill off their predecessor, and is granted LIFE by their successor.
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    >Of all the many threads on that I've seen, read, or participated in, I could care less about yet another daft random link to someplace I don't go and won't go back to.

                    And thus, you also would not pay for it.

                    But that's probably because you are neither a sociologist nor a troll.
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    Random Thread Button?

    I'm just sayin'...


    what happens when a penis photo pops up from an out of wack tribe.

    or worse something likes this happens...

    hit the random button:

    Note: That thread is in tribes/science and history.

    Can you imagine what a morally righteous baptist mother of two would have to go through to straighten out her two boys after seeing that pick? And that wasn't even one of the many penis picks available on tribe in an out of context tribe. sheeeesh.

    tribe plus random button = horrible train wreck for moral majority demographic.

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