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As we get closer to Tribe 3, this Tribe is now archived and closed to further posts. Everybody in this tribe has read-only membership and is no longer able to post. Requests for membership will not be accepted.

A new Brainstorm/Ideas tribe will be created after the upgrade.

Got an idea for a new Tribe feature? Tell us about it! This an official tribe, moderated and monitored by employees. Before starting a new thread here, please first try searching for an existing discussion about your issue, to see if it has been reported previously.

THIS TRIBE IS FOR DISCUSSION OF TRIBE.NET FEATURES ONLY. Historically there has been a lot of activity in tribes of this sort, some on-topic and some not. In order to keep this tribe useful (and easier to keep up with) we kindly ask that you restrict your participation here to discussion of requests and ideas on how to improve the site.
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